Cities become different places after dark. The lights and signs illuminate areas that are often in shadow during the day and they mark out new spaces. What might seem a bland concreted area during the day may look like a scene from film noir after dark.

Eerily lit streets; dark corners brought fleetingly to life by a car’s headlamps; neon signs reflecting in a pool of water. There is much to inspire, and with shadowy figures moving in and out of the light the atmosphere couldn’t be better.

The best night pictures are those that infer rather than inform. What might be out of sight or lurking in the shadows will help to give a sense of mystery.

One thing to remember is that the amount of detail you capture is likely to be a lot less than when you’re shooting during daylight and human figures will often appear as silhouettes. Therefore, it’s important to try to represent them as animatedly as you can so that they don’t just become a featureless blur.

If you want to try for some candid portraits, places such as bus and train stations are perfect. They are usually well-lit and of course, they often have waiting passengers.

There is still plenty of time before the lighter spring evenings are back to get out onto the streets to capture some killer night shots!

Favourite night street photographers – Brassai and Daido Moriyama.

See the full Dark Hours gallery here.

This is an excerpt from the book Fine Art Street Photography available here

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